Block & split face concrete block

We stock a full selection of smooth and split face concrete block for residential and commercial jobs. We also carry mailboxes in a variety of sizes to fit block and brick posts.


Why use Split Face Block?

Split face block is one of the most popular types of masonry units for building commercial and residential projects. With its rough texture, sturdy design and unique look, these units provide an easy way to improve the look of any project and they stand the test of time.

Part of their attractive aesthetic comes from the way they are made. The faces of these units are produced by intentionally fracturing one or more sides to create a rough, hewn look. Because of the way they are made, each block has a unique style. They can be left as a finished surface or are easily painted if needed.

What are the Benefits of Splitface Concrete?

  • Split face is larger than brick, meaning it can be faster and easier to install.
  • Easily combine with other materials to create a unique style.
  • In commercial projects, the texture tends to discourage graffiti.
  • It’s functional and visually appealing. Easy to paint.
  • Long lasting.

Is Split Face for Sale in Different Colors?

Yes! Our split face can be bought in both grey and sandstone colors, depending on your preference.

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