Brick Accessories

If you’re building with brick we have all the accessories needed to complete the job! For commercial and large residential projects we carry a full range of Fero Engineered Masonry Connectors and Accessories as well as weep hole vents and mortar trap. BC Brick also stocks a full line of Ardex, Basalite and Target cement, mortars and thinsets.

Angle Bar is available in primed and galvanised. Let us know the length and how many holes you need punched and we will get started on your order right away!

Flashing is stocked in standard sizes in brown, white and black. We can also order custom flashings if needed.
If your job requires a thinbrick we carry 2.5” galvanised lath or, if you want to go mortarless we carry 4’x4’ EZ wall panels.

Stocks Rebar in: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, ½”, and 3/8” thick. It is stocked in 20’ lengths but we are happy to cut it down to specified sizes.

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FERO – Innovative Structural Connection Products

Steel  –
Rebar & Angle bar

Mortar Trap

Weep Hole Vent

Henry Blueskin

Cavity Rock Insulation



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