Discontinued / Sale Items

View our list of discontinued products or products that are on sale! Give us a call or fill out the contact form to find out more!

We are blowing out old stock on 2cm Porcelain Tiles!  Grab them while supplies last!

While Supplies last!  We are blowing out our stock of Prostone – Aged Ledgestone – Glacier Valley.

10 sqft boxes of flats are on sale for $50.00 each = $5.00 per sqft!

5 linft boxes of corners are on sale for $42.50 each = $8.50 per linft!

we currently have 36 boxes of flats and 21 boxes of corners

We are clearing out the last of our Canyon Grey Ledgestone.  Flats and Corners are both only $2.50 each!  Flats are 6″x24″ corners are 6″x12″ with a 6″ return.

1 big box of flats and 1 big box of corners are left of Centurion Stone.  $75.00 per box!!

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