Jointing Sand

BC Brick offers two types of jointing sand; regular jointing sand and Abbotsford Concrete’s Aquapave® joint stabilizer sand.

Regular jointing sand – This dry joint sand is manufactured to the Interlocking Concrete Paver Institute’s (ICPI) technical standards to ensure a successful paver or slab installation.

YIELD: When using dry joint sand with 60 mm pavers, one bag will cover approximately 10m2 (100 ft2) with standard 3mm (1/8”) joints. For applications requiring 80 mm pavers, one bag will cover approximately 7m2 (75 ft2).

Joint Stabilizer Sand-AquaPave® – Joint Stabilizer for Permeable pavers -This professional grade joint aggregate is washed, dried and screened to provide a product meeting the specialized requirements of Abbotsford Concrete Products’ AquaPave® permeable pavers. This product is NOT designed for use with any other interlocking paving units.

YIELD: 1 – 36.3 kg (80 lb) bag = approximately 11-13m2 (120-140 ft2) of paving.