Abbotsford Concrete

Abbotsford Concrete has manufactured segmental systems for over two decades. As a leader in this area, Abbotsford is well known for their PermaFinish approach that ensures all projects completed with their products maintain their look, colour and texture due to their abrasion resistant wearing surface. Environmentally friendly, low maintenance and incredibly durable are also synonymous with Abbotsford Concrete and its products.

Why Abbotsford Concrete Products?

Abbotsford interlocking concrete pavers are held to a high industry standard, so you get a product that’s durable, and environmentally-friendly with a long-lasting look.

PermaFinish™ Technology

Abbotsford Concrete PermaFinish™ technology is a manufacturing process that helps keep your stone project looking spectacular with its original texture, vibrant colour and resistant to wear. Abbotsford concrete has been perfecting this process since 1992, and they were one of the first to use this technology in North America.

Selecting Abbotsford Concrete means your project will be better suited to handle the elements, require less upkeep and keep your project looking just as gorgeous in five years as it did the day it was installed.

Abbotsford Paver Styles & Pricing

Abbotsford has a wide variety of paver styles. From Aqua-Pave to Estate Stone to Flag Stone, Abbotsford Concrete has a style that suits your project needs. Get in contact with us to find something that’s right for you. Just let us know what your budget is, and we’ll help you find something that fits with your style.

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