Caps, Sills, Trims and Hearthstones

Pangaea accessory pieces have a beautiful natural stone finish and come in 3 colours complementary to the wall stones to meet your needs.

Stone Sizes: 47/16″ x 47/16″, 87/8″ x 47/16″, 87/8″ x 87/8″
Wall caps Sizes: 12”x20”x2” and 14”x20”x2”
Post cap Size: 24”x24”x2”
Sill Size: 34”x3”x2”
Trimstone sizes: 8”x6”x2”, 9”x5”x2”, Keystone 11.5”x9.5”(top) & 5”(bottom)x3” Hearthstone size: 19”x20”x2”
Colours: Black Rundle* (limestone), Cambrian (sandstone), Tuscan (Sandstone)

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