Landscaping Fabric

Landscaping fabric has many benefits for your outdoor area, whether you be a gardener looking to eliminate weeds or a landscaper taking care of a larger area. Landscape fabric is useful for preventing erosion, especially in sloped areas, preventing sinking of rocks and other plants in landscape features on hills.

Commercial landscape fabric can also be effective in retaining moisture in soil and acting as a barrier from weeds growing. It is especially effective when it is kept around shrubs and trees, helping to maintain their appearance and health for years to come.

If you’re wondering where to buy landscaping fabric, come visit us at BC Brick. We stock 6’x300’ rolls and 12’6” x 300’ rolls.  For smaller projects you are able to purchase by the sqft.  Purchase your landscaping fabric from us today.

Available sizes:

  • 6’ x 300’ roll
  • 12’6” x 300’ roll
  • Custom cut to size

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