Cultured Thin Brick

Cultured Brick® (also known as faux brick, or brick veneer) is a 3/4″ thick veneer that authentically looks and feels like brick. This light and durable product allows for easier shipping and handling, is quick & easy to install, creates more usable space due to its thinner walls, and is ideal for any type of new housing construction or home renovation project whether it be interior or exterior.

Cultured brick can be used on walls, doorways, the exterior of your home or business, and even on your ceilings.

Flat Size: 8 3/16″ x 2¾” x ¾”

Corner Size: ¾”, 3 5/8” & 8¼”

Colors Available: Antique Red Used Brick, High Desert Used Brick, Moroccan Sand Handmade and Rustic Manor handmade

Antique Red

High Desert

Moroccan Sand Handmade Brick

Carbon Handmade Brick

Canvas Handmade Brick

Titanium Handmade Brick


What Type of Wall Surfaces Can This Product Be Used With?

You can use brick veneer on a wide variety of wall surfaces. For any specific inquiries about uses for this product in your project contact us today at 604-270-1947!

What Are Some Specific Usage Examples For Faux/Cultured Brick?

This product can be adhered to a vast number of wall and doorway surface types including:

  • Wallboard
  • Plywood
  • Paneling
  • Concrete board
  • Polystyrene insulation
  • Board installed over a rigid back wall

The installation instructions will differ depending on the nature of the surface and its cleanliness or dirtiness. For more information about installation call us today at 604-270-1947!

What Is Interesting About Cultured Brick Veneer?

1. It’s meant to look like well-aged, or ‘cultured’, brick.
2. It provides an attractive texture or backdrop for any room.
3. It can be used on a single wall or multiple walls to add some visual intrigue and interest.

A faux brick wall finish might be just what a room needs to take it from ordinary to extraordinary.

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