Allan Block

Allan Block units are available in a variety of different sizes, types and colours to meet various aesthetic and performance needs. Whether you are building a small garden planter or holding up a 20-foot bank, Allan Block can be used for your specific requirements.

An Allan Block wall system features blocks made of high strength concrete, and for that reason it will not rot like a timber wall. In addition, AB walls are virtually maintenance free when installed properly. 

AB Jr.

6"high x 7.5"deep x 7.5"long

ab lite

4"high x 12"deep x 18" long

ab stone 12 degree set back

8"high x 12"deep x 18"long

ab three 3 degree set back

8"high x 12"deep x 18"long

jumbo jr.

8"high x 9.5"deep x 9"long


professional cap

4"high x 12"deep x 18"long




rocky mountain




What Is Allan Block? 

Allan Block (also known as retaining wall block) is a type of landscaping brick or block used for a variety of purposes including: garden beds, terraced beds, retaining walls and walkways. Allan Block can be used to constrain volumes of soil or other earth-based materials to specific areas.The block pieces are sometimes referred to as "anchoring units".

What Are the Most Common Allan Block Types? 

Allan Block can be textured (with rough sides) or untextured (with smooth sides). It is stackable in a vertical manner either straight up and down or with a slight angle. High retaining walls greater than one block high are often angled inward to compensate for increased soil pressure during wetter periods.
In some cases, the desired area is on a slope and Allan Block is used to aid with stability, drainage and/or aesthetics (e.g. terraced beds). In other cases the desired area is on a flat surface and the property owner or manager will use Allan Block to create garden beds with low walls.

What Color of Allan Block Should I Get? 

The answer to this question depends on your color preferences for a retaining wall. Do you prefer a warm-toned retaining wall or one with a cooler tone (e.g. a cooler grey)? It's possible to get Allan Blocks for your Vancouver home, backyard or garden in a variety of tones that are visible above, so pick your favorite and go with that one. 

Do You Offer Caps & Tops For Retaining Walls Or Garden Beds? 

Yes, view the photos above to see our cap products. 

Are you looking for different types of caps or tops for your retaining wall, garden wall or garden bed? Just give us a call, and we can answer your specific questions. 

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